ATTENTION TRANSIT RIDERS: We’re working hard to bring NextBus app functionality to the Umo app. Until then, please continue to use NextBus app as needed.

Umo Rewards connects brands with transit riders in their everyday journeys.

With Umo Rewards, brands can deliver unique marketing messaging to a network of multimedia touchpoints by leveraging Umo’s integrated digital advertising platform to get brands traveling and engaging with their customers.

Build brand awareness and drive traffic online and in-store.

The Umo Rewards Platform enables businesses to reach transit riders with powerful location-based targeting and personalized digital advertising messaging to drive revenue and build long-term customer loyalty.

Here’s how:

Exclusive media network of mobility users nationwide

Hyper-targeted, business location-based advertising with predictive intelligence

Loyalty rewards and incentives redemption

Delivery of personalized rich media content with attribution performance

Worldclass Organizations Partner with Umo

Engage with transit riders!

Through the Umo Rewards Platform, we develop attention-winning solutions that maximize investment, all while measuring performance and tracking consumer feedback in real-time.

Contact us to learn how Umo Rewards connects brands with transit riders!