Umo MaaS.
Experience integrated multi-modal journeys

Umo MaaS, or mobility-as-a-service, is an open mobility ecosystem that connects riders through integrated multi-modal journeys.

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The Big Picture

Umo MaaS brings integrated travel to your city.

It creates a single mobility ecosystem by connecting your transit agency’s public transportation with private mobility providers in your city. This helps address first and last mile connections while keeping public transit as the backbone of mobility.

Your transit riders experience a continuous trip through multi-modal journey planning and contactless payments on a single platform.

Umo MaaS Features

Transform the way riders travel now and support evolving travel modes. The Umo MaaS solution enables cities to build a resilient mobility network through journeys that incorporate public and private transportation modes.

Umo MaaS Benefits

Umo MaaS eliminates the middleman by allowing travelers to plan seamless multi-modal routes in one place. Integrations with rideshare and micro-mobility help riders with their first and last-mile connections, so they reach their destinations quicker.

Ability to plan stress-free and connected journeys

Increases access to public transit by addressing first and last-mile barriers with more mobility options

Keeps riders informed with updates on fare changes and estimates before the start of a commute

A single payment solution allowing one transaction for an entire multi-modal trip

Umo MaaS pairs well with all Umo solutions

Build a resilient mobility ecosystem with Umo MaaS!

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