ATTENTION TRANSIT RIDERS: We’re working hard to bring NextBus app functionality to the Umo app. Until then, please continue to use NextBus app as needed.

One platform.
Transit agencies
of all sizes.

Umo is a multi-modal platform made up of six solutions. Each solution is a powerful tool used to enhance the rider’s transportation experience. When working together they improve a transit agency’s operational efficiency.

How Umo Works

Umo’s platform based approach simplifies transportation management, enabling everyone from the smallest bus operator to the largest regional transport authority to deliver a reliable transit experience for their communities.


It simplifies travel by integrating all of a city’s transportation options – from buses, trains, trams and ferries to rideshare, scooters and bikes – all in one place.


Umo keeps riders moving efficiently by offering multi-modal journey planning, contactless payment, real-time travel information and reward opportunities.


With Umo, it’s a personalized travel experience that involves, safety predictability, and accessibility for all.

One Platform.
Six Mobility System Solutions.
Infinite Opportunities.

With Umo, transit agencies have access to account-based ticketing, contactless payment options, mobility-on-demand, digital display services, loyalty rewards programs, and much more!

Get started with the
Umo Mobility Platform.

We’ve created the Umo Mobility Platform as an extensible solution for you to deliver your benefits related to transportation, with a lineup of interrelated products and services for your transit agency riders.

By moving to the Umo Mobility Platform, you gain the ability to meet your transit needs with a scalable solution of integrated benefits – and industry-leading mobility solutions – to grow along our platform, and maximize offerings for:

  • Transit Agencies
  • Mobility Service Providers
  • Travelers / Riders