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Umo Pay.
Simplify travel with
tap-to-pay technology

This open payment solution eliminates the need for advance tickets by allowing riders to purchase fares with what they already have in their wallets.

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The Big Picture

Umo Pay is an agnostic open-loop payment platform with flexible configuration to suit any agency’s needs.

Umo Pay allows agencies of all sizes to accept contactless EMV payment (tap-to-pay) credit cards. Riders have flexibility and peace of mind they enter buses, pass through fare gates, and enter transport terminals.

Umo Pay Features

Umo Pay brings value to your existing fare collections system by enhancing the ease of your rider’s journey with these core features.

Umo Pay Benefits

Umo Pay allows small to mid-size agencies to enjoy the benefits of an open-loop payment system without the expensive development and implementation costs typically associated with deployment.

Allows control and visibility into all transactions via the transit agency portal. Agencies can aggregate charges to reduce transaction fees

Saves time by allowing riders to pay on the spot with their credit cards or mobile wallets

More reliable and secure payment protection to riders with contactless payments (tap-to-pay)

Simplifies travel for visitors or less frequent travelers who may not have an existing transit account

Enhance your Umo Pay platform by integrating with these solutions

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