ATTENTION TRANSIT RIDERS: We’re working hard to bring NextBus app functionality to the Umo app. Until then, please continue to use NextBus app as needed.

Umo Rewards.
Build rider interest and loyalty

Umo Rewards encourages ridership and enhances the rider experience with loyalty rewards and personalized offers.

The Big Picture

Umo Rewards is a digital rewards program that delivers real-time incentives, fare discounts, and loyalty rewards through the Umo mobility app or existing agency app.

Public transit agencies personalize campaigns with our Umo brand partners to deliver hyper-targeted incentives that boost ridership and encourage traveling behavior.

Umo Rewards Features

Umo Rewards is an agnostic loyalty program that allows agencies to tailor incentives and messages to their riders’ demographics, location, and interests in real-time. 

Worldclass Organizations Partner with Umo Rewards

Umo Rewards Benefits

Umo Rewards compensates riders for their traveling choices while generating additional revenue for your transit agency and local business community.

Motivates riders to use public transportation with offers, rewards, and gamification

Dynamic engagement with customers to establish long-term loyalty

Integrates with Umo App and existing digital platforms with the option to white label

Easy for agencies to deploy and monitor rider engagement

Umo Rewards pairs well with

Activate Umo Rewards and engage with your riders.

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